About Us

In times, refer to today's lifestyles, we are required to live as efficient as possible. we PT Kertajaya Cemerlang are here to support and serve you in dealing with issues of cleanliness, security, parks , & procurement of skilled workers in their fields.

We understand that there are demands in terms of facility service, we are here to provide the best benefits for our business partners.

With our tagline "your smile is our passion", PT Kertajaya Cemerlang which was founded in 2011 with professionals in their field committed to providing more value and benefits to our business partners in dealing with problems in the field of public services or facility services. These are our focus:

  • Cost Efficiency
    Our experience in the field of human resource management, we will give the best to our business partners. Our business partners dont need to think about how to implement the recruitment of human resources who are experts in their fields and the training system to the employee payroll system and employee rights that we directly manage totally, to the demands of employees at the end of work. Our business partners can focus on doing business without problems with human resources who are less competent in their fields, so as to hamper the smooth operation of our business partners.
  • Professional
    We will make sure to always provide the best in the placement of our human resources according to their respective fields and expertise according to the needs of our business partners. And we will always provide training and monitoring of our human resources to support excellent service to our business partners and our partner customers which is our main goal of customer service satisfaction.
  • Fast response & Good service
    To meet requests and input and problems in the field in improving our services, our customer care team is ready to serve our business partners in the 24-hour service hotline. To handle the above, the competent support team in their field is ready and ready at our service office, ready to serve and identify any problems and improve services in the area of our business partners by coming down directly to the field and providing reports and solutions directly to our business partners.
  • Support System
    With a team that is competent in their field or in collaboration with the state apparatus we have the goal of providing excellent service. By holding regular training and monitoring of work for our human resources, which is carried out by our support team. The response of the team that we formed is one of our services, to maintain the quality and stability of service to our business partners.