Security Services Jakarta

The protection you need

PT Kertajaya Cemerlang provides security services that are focused on providing security to employees and visitors of your company by analyzing threats and security profiles as a solution to prevent, protect and maintain access to your property.

Our Security Services , aimed at both local and multinational companies, begins by building the backbone of the system through learning needs and risks. Included in this study are threat analysis and development of each client's security profile, fully understanding each unique situation in different places so that we can determine a quick reaction to all possibilities, and ensure the best access control solution. Although the conditions and situation of each company or each country will be different, we are able to guarantee consistent results throughout the world by referring to global access control standards and continuing to contribute innovations to related industries.

We provide various aspects of security, including the following:

  • Security Services
  • Security Devices
  • Security Training


Untuk kebutuhan jasa Outsourcing Security Keamanan Satpam di Jakarta, Depok, Bekasi, Tangerang dapat dipercayakan kepada kami.

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